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Meet Cassandra

I am King’s Kid, a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who celebrates recovery over alcoholism and abandonment issues. My name is Cassandra. I am the youngest of three siblings and my story is no different than many others. I grew up in a broken home. My mom and dad divorced when I was 9 months old. Shortly after, my dad moved out of state, and my mom tried taking care of us; however, this created a loop of us being uprooted from our surroundings and sent back and forth between my mom and my dad over several years.

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Lessons from Laura

Pathroot's CEO, Carolyn Bradfield shared her stories after her daughter's overdose and death in Lessons from Laura, now available free on Amazon.  Explore her journey with her daughter Laura through substance misuse and addiction 

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Georgia’s Story, My Life with Laura

Laura's dog Georgia tells you what it was like to live through her struggles

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Motherhood Hijacked

How the role you play as mother can be hijacked by addiction.

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Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

How parents ride an emotional roller coaster with their child.

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Wasted:  Exposing the Family Effect of Addiction

Sam Fowler tells about her experiences with "the family disease" during her brothers battle with addiction.

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The Power of Speaking Up

Amanda shares her coming of age story and the importance of speaking up in public and in private.

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The Stigma of Addiction

Tony discusses his drug addiction, homelessness, prison, and finally redemption.

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