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Join a community of grandparents, siblings, and family members that want to support
a family member struggling with substance misuse or addiction.

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Meeting the unique needs of family members

Having an addicted family member affects everyone, not just the parents. Understand your role in supporting your loved one, how to maintain healthy boundaries, options to get help, and the care you need for yourself to move past the stress, anxiety, and shame.

Join a community of families

Participate in live support groups, find peer mentors, enter online discussions, and connect to the parent community.

Add family members

Add members of your family to Pathroot so everyone can learn together and find ways to heal broken family dynamics.

Get to the root causes

Understand the causes of addiction, broken family dynamics, and other co-existing mental health issues.

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Discover PathRoot's extensive resources, connections to specialized organizations, and nationwide treatment programs.

A supportive space for family members

Learn your unique role in supporting your struggling family member.


Engage with a community of other families by posting questions, sharing ideas, and participating in discussions.

Ask an Expert

Get direct access to licensed therapists or experts for personalized responses and advice.


Find direct links to organizations for specialized help, family therapists, or treatment programs.

Support Groups

Moderated groups on a variety of topics including family support, addiction, and recovery.

Live Streams

Join live streams to learn from others who have walked the same path as your family.

Learning Centers

Access a wealth of resources professionally curated on a wide variety of topics partners need to know.

Peer Mentors

Connect with a peer mentor who will offer practical advice, share personal experiences and empathize with you.

Learning Tracks

Benefit from guided learning journeys tailored to your specific needs for a deeper dive.

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We guide you to information from respected sources, organize it for you, and save you time finding what you need.

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Connect to a treatment locator and organizations that offer specialized help.

We offer comprehensive support for families and individuals, helping you navigate the complexities of addiction together.