We support families impacted
by addiction

Pathroot is founded on the belief that no one should face addiction alone. We offer comprehensive support for families and individuals, helping you navigate the complexities of addiction together.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower families with the support and knowledge they need to make informed decisions, address broken family dynamics, and stay on the path to healing and recovery

» 20 million Americans are struggling with a substance use disorder

» 1 in 3 households in America are impacted by addiction.

» 70% of family members consider their family to be dysfunctional

Who We Are

We are a technology company founded by individuals who have
personally faced the same struggles as the families we aim to help.

Pathroot, an InterAct LifeLine Company

At Pathroot, we combine extensive experience in treatment with cutting-edge technology in software and collaboration. Our founders created Phoenix Outdoor, a renowned outdoor experiential treatment program for at-risk adolescents, focusing on substance misuse and behavioral or mental health challenges. Phoenix's highly effective virtual family support program has been widely embraced across the treatment industry.

CEO Carolyn Bradfield faced a devastating loss when her daughter overdosed and died in 2017. In response, she transformed her technology company to create services designed to help families navigate the crisis caused by substance misuse and addiction.

What is Pathroot?

Pathroot is a subscription service for families struggling with substance misuse or addiction. We provide personalized support, including discussion groups, peer mentors, and connections to the community. Our learning centers offer curated content on important topics such as addiction, treatment options, and repairing family dynamics.

We understand your unique challenges and connect you to the right services. Pathroot supports parents, family members, couples, adolescents, and children with personalized guidance and education.

Carolyn Bradfield, CEO

Carolyn founded, built, and sold four collaboration and technology companies and established Phoenix Outdoor, a licensed adolescent therapy program in Asheville, NC. Her personal experience with her daughter Laura, who tragically died from an overdose in 2017, gives Carolyn unique insight and a passionate drive to support families facing substance abuse and addiction challenges.

Bruce Ahern, COO

Bruce was a principal of Entra Health, an innovative remote patient monitoring company and is an experienced technology and business executive with 3 successful startups and exits. Bruce co-founded Phoenix Outdoor and Asheville House, guiding the operational and and financial management.

Mike Guardalabene, CTO

Mike is a data-driven software executive with 13+ years' experience in B2B and B2C SaaS reinforced by a Masters in Analytics from Georgia Tech. He oversees product development for technology services including the management of multiple cross-functional, multi-disciplined international product teams.

Brent Palmer, CMO

Brent Palmer is a proven marketing professional with a career spanning over 17 years in the technology sector. He currently leads marketing initiatives for Pathroot and InterAct LifeLine previously overseeing marketing for Convey Services and Cloud Conventions.

Melinda Kratsch

Melly directs the content creation and educational effort for Pathroot.  She has extensive experience in supporting others through their struggles with addiction and has worked in directing large virtual events, managing collaboration services, and supporting online communities.

Experience in Treatment and Technology

Our team has decades of experience in delivering technology solutions to businesses and consumers with a focus on digital asset distribution, portal technology, collaboration services, and content hosting.  

The founders created one of the most successful digital family support programs for Phoenix Outdoor, a North Carolina licensed program treating adolescents with substance misuse, addiction and other mental health challenges.

Our Vision

At Pathroot, our vision is to create a world where no family faces the challenges of addiction alone. We strive to be the leading resource for personalized support, education, and technology-driven solutions, empowering individuals and families to overcome substance misuse and build healthier, stronger futures.

Our technology-driven approach ensures that every family receives the right support at the right time, fostering a network of care and resilience that empowers them to heal and support their loved ones.

On the Horizon

We are developing innovative capabilities that leverage artificial intelligence and wearable technology to understand each individual better, provide personalized insights and guidance, and alert others when significant concerns arise. By collecting data from smartwatches or fitness trackers and combining it with activity on our portal and survey results, we can recommend resources and engagement opportunities. Our system delivers proactive alerts for potential risks, including relapse or overdose.

Richard Strobridge

Rick Strobridge was the CEO of RX.health (now Commure Engage!) an automated digital health company and is an entrepreneur and business executive with 25 years of healthcare experience. He has been the founder, co-founder, or initial management team member of five digital health startups and successful exits.

Sandra Newes, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra Newes is a Licensed Psychologist operating a private practice in the Asheville, North Carolina area specializing in treating trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, self-regulation issues, and adult ADHD.  She is a co-founder of the LIving Medicine Institute, training clinical professionals on psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

Curt Allen

Curt Allen runs X4 Advisors, an advisory practice in the ITC sector.  Curt has extensive experience in partner relationships and served as Chief Channel Officer for large providers such as Windstream and Vonage. Curt has a commitment to the recovery community and served on the board at Kennesaw State University's collegiate recovery program.

Mary Flora, Ph.D., MBA, LCMHCS, LCAS, CCS

Since 2006, Mary has focused on relationship-based, trauma-informed therapy for adolescents and families. She is trained in Brainspotting, Jungian Psychodynamic Theory, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, and the Stages of Change. As a Certified Trainer in the Community Resiliency Model, she teaches wellness skills for nervous system rebalancing and overall well-being.

Teresa ((Formerly Johnston)) Wren, LPC, CMAC
Teresa Wren, LPC, CMAC

Teresa is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Master Addiction Counselor, and Expert Consultant in the field of collegiate recovery, organizational development, and strategic planning. She specializes in addiction and recovery but likes to point out that when we recover, it is then that we begin to discover; counseling is a great place to support recovery.

Laura Bradfield (1988-2017)

Although Laura Bradfield lost her 15-year battle with addiction on December 21, 2017, insights learned from her life, her struggles to achieve recovery and maintain wellness, and her achievements and setbacks have inspired Pathroot to use her story as our inspiration and motivation to help others.

Our Advisors

Having advisors is crucial to our mission at Pathroot. Their expertise and diverse perspectives guide our strategic decisions, ensuring that our services are effective and aligned with the latest advancements in addiction treatment and technology. Advisors bring invaluable experience from various fields, helping us stay at the forefront of innovation and best practices. Their insights enable us to refine our approach, address emerging challenges, and continuously improve the support we offer to families and individuals battling substance misuse.

Pathroot is currently adding to our advisor group to ensure we offer the most relevant service possible for the families we support.


What is Pathroot?

Pathroot is a subscription service for families who are struggling with substance misuse or addiction.

What does Pathroot give me?

Pathroot provides personalized support including discussion groups, peer mentors and connections to the community. Learning centers offer screened and curated content on a variety of important topics such as addiction, treatment options or family dynamics.

What is the cost?

Pathroot is free to join to gain access to our Learning Centers, Resources and Community. When Pathroot launches, there will be a monthly subscription for a family to gain access to support groups, discussion forums, peer mentors and educational programs.

What type of people do you help?

Anyone that has someone they love and support struggling with substance abuse or addiction can be helped by Pathroot including parents, close relatives, or siblings. Individuals struggling because of their own substance abuse can find information and ideas on how to best find treatment.

How do I sign up?

Sign up so we can add you to our list to be updated about our progress and when we launch, we'll notify you on how to become a Pathroot member.

Are you a treatment provider?

Pathroot is not a treatment provider. We have a resource center to connect you to a treatment locator, teletherapy organizations or associations that provide specialized help.

Is Pathroot right for kids?

Yes. We have specialized content for kids to give them the tools they need to stay safe and healthy including improving communication skills, finding their purpose, and how to become more resilient.

We offer comprehensive support for families and individuals, helping you navigate the complexities of addiction together.