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How we help

Our support community is made up of individuals bound together because of the challenges caused by addiction and substance misuse. Make valuable connections in discussion forums, search for others in community directories, and participate in support and networking groups.

» Community Members

Choose to add yourself to the community directory, find others, and open a chat conversation.  Directories are organized by member type.

» Forums and Groups

Community members connect with each other in discussion forums and support groups for idea exchange, sharing challenges, and getting advice.

Families Supporting Families

We give you opportunities to connect with others that have shared experiences and challenges.
*Community options are coming soon!

Share ideas, ask questions, and get advice

Start a discussion, get advice, and find support from other members in similar situations. Discussion forums cover a variety of topics and PathRoot keeps you updated on conversations you participate in.

Group meetings bring people together

Attend a group meeting with others facing similar challenges and get connected to a community of supportive individuals that can share their stories or offer advice. 

Mentors offer individual support

Members of the community can volunteer their time as peer mentors to extend themselves to offer support, advice and guidance.

Find people for 1 on 1 connections

Create a profile for the member directory and choose what you share about yourself or opt out if you are not yet ready to make connections.  Open up a chat dialog with connections.

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We offer comprehensive support for families and individuals, helping you navigate the complexities of addiction together.