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Our volunteers are ready to provide individualized guidance, support, and advice.

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How we help

Navigating the challenges of addiction and substance misuse can be overwhelming, but you don't have to go through it alone. Mentors who have walked the same path as you are ready to provide support and guidance based on their own journeys.

» Becoming a Mentor

We invite individuals who want to become a mentor to apply, tell us about themselves, and receive training on how to best support you.

» Finding the Right Match

We invite Pathroot members to reach out and share the type of mentor they are looking for so we can help you find just the right match.

*Mentors Support and Guide You

Individuals that have walked your path are invaluable in offering empathy, support, and practical advice.

* Coming Soon

Mentors offer personalized guidance

Our mentors understand the complexities of addiction and can offer personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Get practical advice

Receive practical tips and strategies for managing challenging situations and fostering healthier family dynamics.

Receive compassion and empathy

Mentors provide a compassionate ear and empathetic support, knowing first hand the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with addiction in the family.

Understand shared challenges

Mentors are individuals that have experienced some of the same challenges you face.

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