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Here are real-life examples of the type of people we help.

John & Mary

Our 15-year old daughter Laura began hanging out with the wrong crowd and before long she began experimenting with marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. We weren't sure who to talk to and felt ashamed to bring the topic up to our friends and family.

After reaching out to school counselors, engaging a therapist, and restricting Laura's activities, the problem only got worse. She would sneak out, skip school, and go missing for days. 

How Pathroot can help John and Mary:

Pathroot offers education and support to help John and Mary understand and assess the extent of Laura's issues and guide them in making informed decisions about treatment options. Through Pathroot, they can connect with other families facing similar struggles, receive practical advice, and find ways to alleviate the shame they feel about their daughter, enabling them to make the right choices.


Both of Raj's parents have been heavy drinkers all of his life, but over time, the drinking spiraled out of control leading to full-blown addiction. As his brother and Raj grew into adulthood and moved out, they still hadn't discovered the best way to help mom and dad.

Now divorced, dad's alcoholism became progressively worse with him being unable to manage his business, sustain any relationships or navigate through depression.  Mom's situation became even worse with multiple trips in and out of treatment. 

How Pathroot can help Raj:

With Pathroot, Raj can connect with other young adults facing similar struggles, reducing his feelings of isolation and confusion. He can also add his brother to Pathroot, so they can both navigate the challenges together with resources and support that offer practical advice. This will give them the tools they need to help their parents get better while also focusing on their own healing.


Sam moved up through the ranks at his restaurant, ultimately becoming its manager, but on the climb, he began having a few drinks during and after work to manage the stress of the increased responsibilities of his job. Over time, his drinking went from a few times a day to drinking all day and ultimately the loss of his job that he worked so hard for.

Sam beat himself up daily because of the choices he made, not realizing that he had developed the disease of addiction.  He tried to quit "cold turkey" and almost died from the self-detoxification that should have been done under medical supervision.

How Pathroot can help Sam:

For people like Sam, Pathroot helps increase their understanding of why drinking or drug use is no longer simply a choice, but now a disease that requires treatment and lifelong management.  He can better understand the symptoms and progression of addiction, his treatment options, and how to get the right support from family and friends.


When Selena married David in her early 20s, life was really great.  They lived in a nice apartment, had lots of friends, and a great social life.  But over time, things changed when David's partying turned from alcohol to pot then finally to heroin. 

Selena tried to get David to stop, but he became hostile and unresponsive, leaving Amanda dejected, frightened and not sure where to turn next.  As David's habit increased, he lost interest in Amanda, his job, and his friends.  David was now a full-blown addict.

How Pathroot can help Selena:

Selena could explore the support community to connect with others for advice, get the help of a peer mentor for 1 on 1 conversations, or join support groups where other couples were discussing their issues.  The knowledge center increased her understanding of addiction, how to do an intervention with David to motivate him to get help, and the types of help that were available based on their ability to afford them.

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What is Pathroot?

Pathroot is a subscription service for families who are struggling with substance misuse or addiction.

What does Pathroot give me?

Pathroot provides personalized support including discussion groups, peer mentors and connections to the community. Learning centers offer screened and curated content on a variety of important topics such as addiction, treatment options or family dynamics.

What is the cost?

Pathroot is free to join to gain access to our Learning Centers, Resources and Community. When Pathroot launches, there will be a monthly subscription for a family to gain access to support groups, discussion forums, peer mentors and educational programs.

What type of people do you help?

Anyone that has someone they love and support struggling with substance abuse or addiction can be helped by Pathroot including parents, close relatives, or siblings. Individuals struggling because of their own substance abuse can find information and ideas on how to best find treatment.

How do I sign up?

Click the sign up button on the homepage so we can add you to our list to be updated about our progress and when we launch, we'll notify you on how to become a Pathroot member.

Are you a treatment provider?

Pathroot is not a treatment provider. We have a resource center to connect you to a treatment locator, teletherapy organizations or associations that provide specialized help.

Is Pathroot right for kids?

Yes. We have specialized content for kids to give them the tools they need to stay safe and healthy including improving communication skills, finding their purpose, and how to become more resilient.

We offer comprehensive support for families and individuals, helping you navigate the complexities of addiction together.