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We bring ideas and information from respected experts and organize them for you.

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We carefully select and organize content on addiction, prevention strategies, treatment options, family dynamics, coexisting disorders, and recovery. This ensures you have access to the most valuable and reliable resources available.

» Addiction and Recovery

Learn how to recognize the signs of addiction and the science behind it.

» Treatment Options

Find out which treatment options are best for you or your loved ones.

» Mental Health

Understand the link between substance use disorder and mental health concerns.

» Family Dynamics

Foster healthy dynamics to support, communicate, and build trust.

» Substances Spotlight

Identify various substances and understand their associated risks.

» Wellness Strategies

Discover nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness strategies for wellness.

Learning Centers* elevate your understanding

We screen and collect the best resources from the experts and organize them for you.

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Everything is all in one place

Access reliable resources conveniently organized in one place without having to spend countless hours navigating multiple websites to find what you need.

Information is current and reliable

We bring the best information from respected resources to give you reliable information on the topics that are most relevant to families.

Resources are geared for all ages

Learning centers contain videos, podcasts, articles, infographics, and blog posts with information that different types of family members can relate to.

We bring the experts to you

Attend live webinars and workshops that deepen understanding and provide interactions with specialists and other families facing similar challenges.

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